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BMW R1200GS/GSA | R1250GS/GSA – Rear Rack Combo

Our rear rack platform is the ultimate solution to extend your GS's luggage carrying capacity. The downside is that you must remove the rear pillion (passenger) seat, so it's only an option for those who primarily ride without a passenger.

BMW R1250GS/GSA – Ultimate Protection Combo

Ultimate and torture tested protection combo for BMW R1250GS and R1250GSA consisting upper (GS or GSA model) and lower crash bars (compatible with both models) and skid plate (compatible with both models). Our protection combo provides coverage for the cylinder heads, plastic fairings, exhaust header, catalytic converter and so on. Total weight: 15.6kg (GS) and 16kg (GSA). The Outback Motortek lower crash bars are NOT compatible with the "40th Anniversary" BMW R1250GS and BMW R1250GSA models. This is due to the Option 719 cylinder cover installed by the factory. The rest of the models are not affected.